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Lansdowne accident. Railroad grade crossing east of station.
Date: 1905-02-07
Appleton probably took these photos in support of a legal case regarding a railroad accident at this location. Man is standing next to factory at grade crossing on Union Ave.

Media railroad cut
Date: 1890-1900
Locomotive is puffing a cloud of smoke.

P.R.R. [Pennsylvania Railroad] Locomotive
Location: None
Date: 1880 (circa)
According to a handwritten note on the back of this card, this was the type of locomotive once used on the Media line. "Property of John McAllister, Media, Pa."

Railroad Bridge
Date: 1920
Caption scratched into bottom of print reads: "Bridge down over R.R. on Indian Lane." View looking east over Ridley Creek valley. One of a series of photographs, possibly by same photographer or from same album. Date not certain. Possibly from 5 x 7…

Railroad High Bridge over Ridley Creek Valley, looking west
Location: Media (Pa.)
Date: 1890 (circa)
Bridge over railroad, and Clothier Mansion atop hill, are visible in the background.

Railroad track though woodland.
Address: Not Known
Date: 1900-1909

Railroad tracks near Elwyn
Date: 1894 (circa)
Typed caption on reverse reads: "Taken just before the railroad started on the double track looking east and showing the bridge over Indian Lane. The posts of the lower gate may be seen a little to the right of the bridge." Frank Lees Slide 1572. One…

Room interior, possibly a crime scene
Address: Not Known
Date: 1908 (circa)
Potbelly stove; possibly a railroad ticket office; sign on wall mentions Pensylvania Railroad tours.

Rowlandville O.H. Bridge, over railroad, overhead cut
Date: 1900 (circa)
O.H. may mean overhead

Rowlandville O.H. Bridge, over railroad, south side,
Date: 1900 (circa)
O.H. may mean overhead

Rowlandville O.H. Bridge, top, over railroad
Date: 1900 (circa)
O.H. may mean overhead

Rowlandville railroad bridge no. 64, north side
Date: 1901-07-20
Crosses Octoraro Creek in Cecil County, Maryland, close to the Susquehanna River.