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  • Family Names is exactly "Horne"

Appleton, Susannah Pearson Horne, copy
The photographer's mother.

Horne clock
Date: 1895-1900
Grandfather clock probably in photographer Stephen Horne Appleton's parents' or grandparents' house

Horne, flowers, wet plate
Address: Not Known
Date: 1867-1877
Probably flowers for the funeral of one of the photographer's grandparents or parents. "Wet plate" refers to the photographic process used to capture the image. This is possibly a copy from a tintype.

Horne, Joseph, house
Address: Not Known
Date: 1895 (circa)
Home of photographer's parents, possibly in Marple Township or Darby, Pa.

Horne, Martha P., grandmother, copy
Date: 1880 (circa)
The photographer's grandmother. Copy is from a daguerreotype.

Horne, Sallie
Location: Appleton Studio
Date: 1903 (circa)
Probably a relative of Stephen H. Appleton

Horne, Stephen, and Martha, copy of photograph
Date: 1880
The photographer's maternal grandparents

Horne, Stephen, copy
Date: 1860 (circa)
The photographer's grandfather. Copy is from a daguerreotype.